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"Antiques and Collectables for Sale" is a growing network of antique and collectable buyers and sellers. This page has over 326,000 members and continues to grow exponentially.


The first step to making a sale is awareness, so you want to advertise in the places where everyone’s eyes are. According to a 2016 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 56 percent of online adults use a relatively diverse array of social networks, which is defined as more than one of the five social media platforms measured in the survey. Additionally, as 65 percent of U.S. adults admit to using social media, it is to your brand’s benefit to be there as well. Advertising space is available in the form of 90 minute watch party privileges, 2 hour manned ad time, and a 4 hour still pinned advertisement for any online auction company that passes a vetting process and sells in the field of antiques, collectables, jewelry or services to those who do.

When purchasing the ad through this website you will be automatically sent a file with receipt and instructions on completion of your ad, and phone number to the sales staff that will place your ad online, and discuss available time slots. If you require a specific time slot please put your order in two weeks ahead of time.  If you need a specific time for weeks at a time it may be best to purchase your slots ahead.



Here is what is offered:

2 hour time slots manned by mods and admins for your group to throw a Watch Party on our page.  90 minutes of which is a live show.  The other half hour will have a link up to join your show, but is there to buffer between clients incase of a late start, and providing prep time for communications between our group and yours.  This means you get 2 hours of staff attention, and ad space, and 90 min live show.


4 hours still ad pinned at top of the page per show with pictoral and words of your choice, or created by Admin.


Pre-approval rights in the group.  You will not have to wait for your posts on our page to be approved while you are a paid sponsor.









90 min live pinned auction with 4 hours pinned still ad and pre-approval